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Air-injector nozzles ID3 LECHLER


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Air-injector nozzles ID3 LECHLER

Size: from 01 to 08

Spraying angle:120°

Material: POM, ceramic


  • Automatic air intake
  • Sizes: from 01 to 08
  • Pressure range:
    ID-01 to -015 from 3,0 to 8,0 bar
    ID-02 to -08 from 2,0 to 8,0 bar
  • Extremely low drift potential for whole pressure range 
  • Significantly improved deposition structure thanks to aerated droplets 
  • Compatible with marginal injector nozzles IS (the same size)
  • Fits all bayonet cap systems with 10 mm AF and threaded caps (Ø 12.6 mm)
  • Fits the cap system with montage slot 10 mm (SW10)


  • Application of plant protectants and growth regulators
  • Particularly well-suited for application of liquid fertilizer (UAN);
    pressure range: from 2.0 to 3.5 bar

Main benefits of ID3 nozzles:

  • More solid design of nozzle body by filed construction
    – 0.9 cm shorter in comparison to ID range
    – Improved protection of nozzle tip by reinforced side walls
    – Easier cleaning of nozzle body by smooth transition
  • Plane injector orifice
    – Easy wipe away of residues and dirt
    – Toolless removal and assembly of injector e.g. for cleaning purpose
    – Correct alignment of injector into the nozzle body by inside catch
    – Safe sealing between injector and nozzle body by o-ring
  • Extended pressure range from 2.0 to 8.0 bar
  • Long injector design responsible for high drift stability
    – Reduced fine droplet fraction also at higher pressure
    – Increased work rate at higher speeds
    – Even better adaption of sprayer speed and l/ha-rate without changing of nozzles
    – Application in due time even under worse weather conditions
    – For use at wind speeds up to 5 m/s according to good agricultural practice
    – Potential of 90% drift reduction at 2.0 bar
  • The economical version of the POM, extremely wear-resistant ceramic inserts
  • Non sensitive towards clogging due to big cross sections
  • Very good deposition structure and crop-canopy penetration ensures high biological performances
  • Operating pressure measured at a nozzle (body with anti-drop valve
  • Measured values are related to water
  • Before each season tabular values  should be compared with the values obtained during the nozzles "liter measuring"
  • Nozzles of the same type and size should be used.

When ordering give us please:

  • nozzle symbol
  • material which it is made of
  • size


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Air-injector nozzles ID3 LECHLER

Air-injector nozzles ID3 LECHLER

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