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Computer Bravo 400S SELETRON ARAG


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Computer Bravo 400S SELETRON ARAG

Product code Water sections quantity Hydraulic sections quantity
4674A9710.950 7 7
4674A9720.950 7 9
4674A9D10.950 13 7
4674A9D20.950 13 9
4674A9700.950 7
4674A9D00.950 13

Monitor for the electronic control of the spraying capacitive distribution with the new high-resolution 5,7″ TFT display and integrated GPS navigator.

Seletron system controls automatic shut-off boom sections ( max. 48 boom nozzle holders for the automatic mode-13 boom sections for the manual mode).
Automatic selection of the most suitable nozzle so that:

  • spraying pressure always stays in the range of operating data set for each individual nozzle;
  • the only nozzle configuration among several others is used, where operating pressure is the closest to the nozzle operating range;
  • the number of nozzle replacement is reduced to the minimum.

Variable application through selecting a larger number of nozzles with high volatility dosage, which means lower costs and environmental impact reduction.
The main operating visualisation can display information, image for easy driving and spraying data simultaneously.
  The user can choose combination of several information, which are usefull while driving, by pressing the proper button.
 Visualizations display:

  • images from two optional external cameras, operating data on spraying/conducting, information and alarms, variable dosage map;
  • the main driving functions: calculating the area and perimeter of the fieldmarking various points and return driving.

2 USB ports and 1 SD card reader for data transfer and software updates. Integrated hydraulic components control boom and air sleeves.
SELETRON is the innovative powered electric valve, which allows the user to control single nozzles independently.
SELETRON allows separating of each boom nozzles in order to reduce operating costs and environmental impact (Buffer Zone).
SELETRON allows automatic nozzle selection (or nozzle combination) according to speed and/or dosage.
Electronics integrated with the electric valve control the motor and communication with the monitor, receiving commands for opening/closing.
The placement of the electric valve next to the nozzle allows continuous fluid flow in the boom, obtaining the following advantages:

  • insoluble residues reduction;
  • external contamination reduction while washing the boom;
  • uniformity of the chemical product concentration along the boom at the beginning of each new procedure.


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Computer Bravo 400S SELETRON ARAG

Computer Bravo 400S SELETRON ARAG

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