Air-injector off centre compact nozzles IDK-S LECHLER


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Air-injector off centre compact nozzles IDK-S LECHLER

Size: from 02 to 05

Spraying angle: 80°

Material: POM


  • Air-aspirating off center flat spray nozzle, spraying angle – 80°
  • Sizes: 02 to 05 
  • Pressure range: IDK-S 02 to 03: 1,5 – 15,0 bar IDK-S 04 and 05: 1,0 – 15,0 bar
  • Mechanical and chemical wear-resistant POM
  • Asymmetrical spray pattern (20°/60° to the axis)
  • Optimal distribution in combination with IDK, IDKN and IDKT nozzles of same colour
  • The liquid structure: medium-, coarse droplets
  • Very limited drift
  • Compact design(body diameter 8 mm, length 22 mm)
  • Easy fixing in typical nozzle holders
  • The optimal operating pressure range in the crop sprayers: 1,5 – 3,0 bar, 8,0 – 15,0 bar in the orchard sprayers
  • BBA attestation (1,0/1,5 – 6,0 bar)


  • For banding/row- and broadcast spraying in combination with IDK, IDKN and IDKT-nozzles in a boom
  • Herbicide treatments under the treetops
  • Along water courses, field peripheries and hedgerows
  • Protection of sensitive adjacent crops
  • Underleaf application of herbicides in row crops
  • Banding in orchards, vineyards, tree nurseries, special cultures
  • In the orchard sprayers as the first and the marginal nozzles on the sprayer arc

Main benefits of IDK-S nozzles:

  • Easy operation of the nozzle with an electric diaphragm pump in e.g. banding
  • Measured values are related to water
  • Before each season tabular values  should be compared with the values obtained during the nozzles "liter measuring"
  • Operating pressure is measured at a nozzle.

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  • nozzle symbol
  • size

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