Multirange flat spray nozzles LU LECHLER


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Multirange flat spray nozzles LU LECHLER

Size: from 01 to 08

Spraying angle: 120°

Material: POM, stainless steel, ceramic


  • Multirange/Universal nozzle
  • Pressure range: 1,5 – 5,0 bar
  • Fine, medium and coarse droplets, depending on the size of the nozzle and the applied pressure
  • Uniform transverse distribution of the liquid in the whole pressure range
  • Drift reduced at lower pressure, excellent coverage at higher pressure.


  • Application of plant protectants and growth regulators

Application-specific adjustment of drop-size characteristics

LU nozzles are characterized by an optimized (= well-balanced) dropletsize spectrum. According to the procedure type and the preparation manufacturer's recommendations the liter-per-hectare rate required for a given range of application, and the corresponding drop-size category (coarse, medium or fine droplets) are achieved by using nozzles of the appropriate size and varying the spray pressure as necessary. 

When ordering give us please:

  • nozzle symbol
  • material which it is made of
  • size

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