GPS Receivers Smart-6, ARAG

46701620, 46701616

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Mounted computers ARAG BRAVO 40

Arag range of GPS receivers can rely on both GPS and GLONASS systems, thereby increasing the number of satellites used for calculating the position and enhancing reliability even under difficult conditions and in the presence of obstacles (trees, houses, bridges, etc.)

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GPS Receivers Smart-6, ARAG

Mounted computers ARAG BRAVO 40

Part number 46701620, 46701616, 46701617
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  • GL1DE technology to reduce fast path deviations and increase pass-to-pass accuracy where DGPS signal is not available 
  • Position calculation integrates GPS and GLONASS.
  • Compatible with SBAS free correction signals (Egnos, WAAS, MSAS, etc.) 
  • Operating status LED: power supply, available position, available differential correction 
  • Position updated 10 times per second (10 Hz) 
  • Mounting magnets built in the receiver 
  • Preset for connection to ARAG guidance monitors 
  • Vehicle forward speed signal for connection to other devices (optional harness)
  • The Smart-6 version, with double frequency (L1/L2), is an affordable, yet top-class receiver which can be upgraded at a later time to top accuracy levels

Available with built-in inclinometer, to set off any measurement errors due to ground inclunation - even 2 m on steep slopes (Fig. 1)

The connecting cable to be ordered separately

*Service subscription required, to be purchased separately.

**Performance depends on the characteristics of the satellite system, the state of the ionosphere and troposphere, satellite geometry, the length of the primary line, bounce signals, interference sources, the intended degradation operative.

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